Blog Moving Over To Domain Name

Posted: September 1, 2010 by Shutout in General

This URL will be no longer in use. We will however, still be using wordpress still (just not through For the writers just head on over to the new domain at and on the left hand side there should be an option for you to login. Your login info should be the same, with the exception of caz (your password is different, it might have emailed it to you, if not I’ll let you know what it is tomorrow).

The new site is ready to go, it allows me a lot more flexibility with what we can do as well. I just have to fix up a few things tomorrow afternoon and it will be golden. Boondocks, you should copy your draft over there, and finish it when you can. If there’s any problems guys, just email me, my info is on the forums.

To the readers, expect things to start to pick up over there even more once we all get settled in.


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